The Corpus Christi Yard and Craft Sale Page

We are holding a "Virtual Yard and Craft sale in support of the Building Fund!!

Send us pictures of the goods you are willing to donate. We will post the items online and sell them. 

All proceeds go to the Corpus Christi Building Fund

*** Full rules and guidelines will be posted below ***

How to participate: Donor

1. Email Deacon Gem a description of the item(s) you are willing to donate (ALL proceeds go to the building fund).

2. Deacon will email you a form to fill out, sign and return to him. 

3. Send 3 good pictures of each item (Do not group them all into one picture, please).

4. Once we have pictures and a description, the item will be posted on the Corpus Christi web page for sale.

5. Deacon will email instructions on how to complete the transaction.

How to Participate: Buyer

1. If you have found an item (or items) you are interested in, Please fill in the information on the "Check Out" sheet and email it to Deacon Gem expressing your interest.

2. Deacon Gem will email you back with purchase instructions.

3. Once payment has been received, the goods will be made available for pickup at the Parish Office.