Parish Office Hours

The parish reception is OPEN:       Monday to Friday       9:00 am to 4:00 pm       Closed from 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm.


8:00 am                 Adoration in the nave of the church

8:30 am                 Reconciliation is available

9:00 am                 Weekday morning Mass

until 2:00 pm       Adoration in the chapel following morning Mass

until 4:00 pm       Office reception closes at 4:00 pm.

until 5:00 pm       You are welcome to come to the church for personal prayer until the church closes.

The parish office is CLOSED on weekends and holidays.

When the office is closed, the church is closed to the public, with the exception of Mass times.

Contact Us

EMERGENCIES - contact our pastor, Father Shimit, at 780.466.7576 (ext 102) or

The Catholic Parish of Corpus Christi

2707 34 Street NW

Edmonton, Alberta    T6T 1P5   Canada

Phone:                              780.466.7576

General Email:       



Parish Team:

Pastor                                       Fr. Shimit Abraham CFIC             Ext 102

Permanent Deacon               Deacon Arden Playford                Ext 103

Permanent Deacon               Deacon Gem Mella                       Ext 105

Sacramental Preparation    Sr. Lilia Semeniego RVM              Ext 107 

Secretary                                 Ingrid van Dolder-Frigon              Ext 104

Maintenance/Custodian      Mike Petruchik                              Ext 108

Receptionist                            Giselle Horne                                Ext 0