The Lumen Christi Chapel

 When our parish was named, our mission statement became “Our Devotion to the Understanding, Teaching, Promotion and Love of the Eucharist”. We were given the responsibility of proclaiming the presence of God’s only Son, not only in our Eucharistic Celebrations, but in the every day living of our lives. We became “teachers”, helping the people of The Millwoods and Meadows areas understand that “The Blessed Body of Christ” is not just a “symbol” that we consume at Mass on the weekends as an outward display of our Faith. There is so much more to teach.


When we began the long process of designing and establishing the plans for our new church building, we knew that it must include an area dedicated to the perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Body of Christ. So, how best do we establish an appropriate space, allow it to “stand alone”, yet be a contiguous part of the Church, and with all of that, allow the Holy Spirit to “Reach Out” to the people. 


Our Chapel, specifically, the Altar and Sanctuary, were built to accommodate the space behind the Altar, by continuing the raised floor through the wall behind and it creates a second raised “Altar”. In the wall between the two spaces, is our Tabernacle, which has been locally made by a craftsman. It is constructed of bronze, and very uniquely, opens to both sides. The Chapel side, opens to reveal The Blessed Body of Christ, the Sacrament, in an illuminated vessel. Above the , Jesus hangs on His Cross, which is backlit, providing a warm glow to the Chapel during the hours of no sunlight. On the inside, the Chapel is humbly adorned and provides pews for 20 persons. On one side, there is a niche in the wall where a statuette of the Blessed Virgin stands and watches over The Body of Her Precious Son and His adorers.


From the inside, The Chapel is beautifully simple. From the outside, our chapel was built with the appearance of a Lantern. For those looking to find “The Way”, they will see the light of our lantern and should they choose to follow the light, as they draw closer, They realize that it is Jesus who is gently calling, “Come, pray with me”. 


We are reminded of the passage in Mathew 26:40, how He called to His Desciples, “Could you not stay awake with me one hour”. Jesus loves your company, and he awaits you.


The Lumen Christi Chapel… The “Light of Christ” Chapel, may it light your way…