Here are four ways to give

1. Pre-Authorized Offering Program (POP): 

     We would prefer if you use our parish POP Program (Bank Account or Credit Card) donations:



2. We are now accepting E-Transfer donations using

      Please include in the message box: 

  • Donation Amount
  • Full Name(s) for charitable donation receipt
  • Full Address
  • Any special instructions (eg. Operating Expenses, Church Mortgage, Together We Serve)

    If your message box does not allow for all this information, please send the parish this information on your first E-Transfer
    donation in a separate email to:

3. Donation Envelopes:

      Donation envelopes can be dropped off at the parish Monday to Friday (8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon) at the parish office, or in          the basket as you enter into the church for the weekend Masses. You may also mail your donations to:

       The Catholic Parish of Corpus Christi

       2707 34 Street NW

       Edmonton, AB T6T 1P5

4. Donate online using Canada Helps:

      Click this link: Donate Online

       *** To cancel or modify a monthly donation at "Canada Helps", please follow the instructions in this link:
            Access my Monthly Donations

Thank you for being a good steward of the Catholic Parish of Corpus Christi.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated.