Here are four ways to give...

  1. Pre-Authorized Offering Program (POP) - Bank Account or Credit Card

    The parish POP Program
    is our preferred method to receive donations. To start using POP, please complete this form:

    POP Form (PDF)

    Changes can be made easily by contacting the parish office at 780.466.7576 or

  2. E-Transfer using

    When adding the parish email to your list of payees within your banking app, you will see that we are set up with AutoDeposit, which means it won't be necessary to exchange a password for the transaction.  When sending an e-Transfer to the parish (for any purpose), please remember to include these details in the message field before sending:
     > FULL NAME(S) - to whom you will want your charitable donation tax receipt issued
     > FULL ADDRESS - particularly if you are new to our parish, or if you have had a change of address
     > PURPOSE OF ETRANSFER (eg. Donation to Operating Expenses, Church Mortgage, Together We Serve) If you are sending an etransfer to the parish for a purpose other than a donation to the Building Fund, it is important that you indicate where these funds should be allocated. Is this for a Mass Intention, Hall Rental, Fundraising Event, ...?

    If the message box in your etransfer does not allow for this information, please send us an email with the remaining details to:

  3. Donation Envelopes

    Your d
    onation envelopes can be given during the offertory collection at weekend Masses, or dropped off through the reception window at the parish office when the church is open.

    If you require a set of envelopes, please contact the parish office.

    Our Mailing Address:
    The Catholic Parish of Corpus Christi
    2707 34 Street NW
    Edmonton, AB T6T 1P5

  4. Online with CANADA HELPS

    It is important for you to be aware that Canada Helps will retain a fee of up to 4% of your donation
    This is an easy option for you, but because of the fee, it is not the most efficient way to put your dollar to work at the parish.
    The email they send you in acknowledgement of your donation is your tax receipt for that donation.

    To cancel or modify a monthly donation with Canada Helps, please follow the instructions in this link: How do I modify or cancel my monthly donations?

Thank you for being a good steward of the Catholic Parish of Corpus Christi.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated.