Opening Prayer

Leader: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. 

All: Amen. 

Leader: The journey we are about to make is a special one. It is a journey that has already been made for us by Jesus. However, this is not simply a journey that Jesus made, but rather a journey that we all continue to make each day of our lives. Every step, every stumble and every victory that we experience each day, has already been experienced by Jesus himself. Together with Jesus, we shall walk the steps that lead to a death, for we all face little deaths each day. But even more, together with Jesus, we will rejoice in the resurrection that follows these deaths, because the cross is not a sign of defeat. It is a sign of victory. Together, let us deny our very selves, take up our crosses and follow in the way of Jesus. May we always glory in the cross of Christ, assured of the victory found in his glorious resurrection. 

All: Lord Jesus, I have many difficulties and fears to face each day, and I don't know what to do or who to turn to in my times of need. So often, I feel alone on my journey through life, and at times feel that even you are not with me when I need you most. Open my mind and heart now, as I spend these moments praying and meditating on your immense love for me. Help me to see that I am not alone, that you are with me, and that all my brothers and sisters have problems, needs and dreams that await your action. Keep me from all harm, and guide me in your everlasting ways.

At the cross her station keeping

Stood the mournful Mother weeping

Close to Jesus to the last.

First Station