Thank you!

This special event was made possible
through the contributions of those listed below, and the grace of God.

 Choir Groups & Vocalists

¨ Corpus Christi Children & Youth Choir- 40 members

¨ Voices of Praise Choir - 20 members

¨ Koro Filipino - 20 members

¨ Albin Bigata

¨ Briana Gibson

¨ Angela Mendez

¨ Angie Mondoy

¨ Meola Sabejon

¨ Mikayla Sabejon

¨ May delos Santos

¨ Zoe delos Santos

¨ Maria Jacinta Tarriela

Live Scene Characters

Child Mary          Annika Navarro

Anna          Liezl Padilla

Joachim          Henry Padilla

High Priest          Rene Mella

Young Mary          Robyn Soco Kinsella

Angel Gabriel          Dona Tom George

Queen Mary          Zoe delos Santos

Angels/Saints          Corpus Christi Children & Youth Choir

Musical Accompanists

Pianist          Aaron delos Santos

Band          Syrell Ramos, Jing Gutierrez, Rex Caab, & Tino Abenoja

Narrators          Chito Atienza & Adel Angeles

Snack Sponsors          

Ri Chard & Sheila Parungao of Fresh Bakery in Beaumont, Ed & Annabelle de Guzman, Ilyn Estabillo & family, Liza Tarriela & parents of the Children & Youth Choir, Emy & Jing Gutierrez, Catholic Women’s League & Knights of Columbus

Children & Youth Choir Coordinator          Meola Sabejon

Audio/Visual/Lights          Deacon Gem Mella, Chito Nicolas & team

Costumes & Props          Ingrid van Dolder-Frigon, Michèle Brubaker, Velda Murphy, Meola Sabejon, Giselle Horne, Eryn Horne

Set Design          Mike Petruchik, Jackie Playford, Dave Frigon

Poster/Program Design          Giselle Horne

Floor Director/Choreographer          Ana Lisa Cuyos, assisted by Lucy Chen

Marian Helpers          Marina D’Souza, Emy Gutierrez, and parents of the Children & Youth Choir

Producer/Director/Video Producer          Lito Soco

Producer/Script Writer          Sister Delia Rubio, RVM

Our Pastor          Father Shimit Abraham, CFIC