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New Year's Greeting from Father Jim

At this moment in time, after having just celebrated very beautifully the nativity of our Lord, we are invited to take a look at the year in retrospect. We take an honest faith-filled look at what went well and where we might have done things differently. Yet no matter how good or challenging the past year may have been, as Catholic Christians we look to 2015 with hope in our hearts. Why? Because my friends, we are people of faith. Faith that allows us to know that we will overcome the challenges and obstacles we face, but more importantly our faith allows us to know there is much more than our time here in the world. Eternity with the King of Kings, the God of our salvation. That my sisters and brothers is a big picture look at our Christianity. Our faith is a beautiful gift that gives us hope and we need to cultivate, nourish and grow our faith, individually and as a community.

            My brothers and sisters, thank you for a faith-filled action packed-never a dull moment year at St. Theresa/Corpus Christi parishes. This past year has been one where obtaining a meeting room for your ministry was always challenging, where often enough at three of our Masses if you were late you might have to stand. We began a new parishioner home visitation program. Our parish nursing program has been a great gift to many of our parishioners. Our social justice folks continue to care for people of all creeds and cultures in the greater Mill Wood’s area. Our relationship with our twelve member Family of Schools continues to flourish and we continue to celebrate Mass weekly in our five care and assisted living centres. And, yes folks you are building the Church of Corpus Christi where we will celebrate our first Mass in the fall of this year 2015. WOW!!!

            Folks our community is as diverse culturally and ethnically as it is possible to be, but the beauty of our Catholic faith is that we are all children of God. This is our common denominator. We come from all corners of the world with our families and faith in our hearts knowing that all will be well as we move faithfully forward into the year of our Lord, 2015.

            On behalf of our St. Theresa/Corpus Christi parish team, I thank you for your witness and your faith as disciples of our Lord. May our loving God bless you and your families with health, happiness, holiness and ever-increasing faith in this coming year.

Continued blessings to you and yours,

Fr. Jim and the St. Theresa/Corpus Christi parish team



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